Organisational Communication and Transparency

6 April 2014 in Business Improvement, Environmental Sustainability, Strategic Growth, Transformational change, Uncategorized

Additional insights provided by LVP to the book Strategic Internal Communications: Boosting Corporate Culture, Productivity and Profitability.

How do projects assist with organisations internal communication processes? 

The communication aspects of project deliverables are involved from two perspectives:

  • Engaging the required stakeholders to collaborate in creating the project and commence gaining buy-in;
  • How to communicate the implementation of the project effectively as it often crosses over numerous areas of the business – to ensure that people know:
    • What is on the way and why
    • How it will benefit them
    • What they need to do to be involved and achieve the best out of it

Organisational communications inadvertantly improve by the way the project is communicated and implemented, though the focus on the communication is to ensure successful implementation of the project via change management techniques.

Lack of transparency, honesty, integrity and communication within the leadership team and what problems this can create within the wider business

Being transparent, honest and acting with integrity is central to being a strong leader.

If the leadership team is behaving against this code among each other, the behaviour displayed will be mirrored throughout the organisation. If our behaviour lacks honesty, integrity and transparency, then we are giving everyone within the organisation permission to behave in the same way.

Further, too little communication and obfuscation can evoke fear. There are situations where the actual project implementation is highly positive and warmly embraced by others – however, if one team does not feel they have been provided the same transparency or communication as the other teams, they will develop a negative sentiment towards the change and be fearful of it.

It is important to communicate in such a way that people feel like they have a sense of control and understanding over what is happening to their environment.


Author: Lorena Paglia

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