Who We Work With

We work with forward thinking clients to create real change and sustainable business value.

Working side by side with start ups, corporations and executive teams.

Our experience incorporates industries of oil and gas, mining, logistics and supply chain, engineering and legal.

The nature of our project experience include delivering commercial and operational solutions across Europe and Asia-Pacific, spanning multiple countries; by engaging and influencing key stakeholders, negotiating outcomes, and managing any resulting change.

How We Operate

The first step is to agree the brief with our client. We then allocate a team of experts to the project.

Our multidisciplinary approach brings together a diverse range of skills and experience to deliver projects. Each project is unique and at times requires a different mix of experts to deliver the right outcomes.

  • Short to medium term project based assignments
    • Retainer based
    • Base project hours
  • C-suite and Board advisory
  • Professional mentoring, training and development programs to provide post strategy implementation support.

Project management and change

Everything we do is about challenging the lens businesses look through.
This is underpinned by our project management approach combined with continuous improvement, transformational change management and collaboration with your people.

Create leaps and bounds in competitiveness and market opportunities.

  • Phase one


    First we work with you to identify purpose and establish outcomes.

  • Phase Two

    Strategy Development and Approach

    Making it simple to identify and deliver new direction and process.

  • Phase three

    Engagement and Communication

    Engaging and communicating with key teams to test the process, tweak any operational requirements and identify organisational champions.

  • Phase Four

    Implementation and Change Management

    Phased implementation with clear pathways for change management.

  • Phase Five

    Monitor, Review and Improve

    Implement it and then do it better. Great projects and outcomes continue to redefine itself.

who is lvp?

Lorena Paglia

LVP – Lateral Visionary Projects, is a boutique advisory specialising in working with businesses who are engaged in creating real change and sustainable business value.

Lorena Paglia is the founder of LVP, who has a 15 years career in advisory, business development, market analysis and project delivery across international markets. Her passion for sustainable business and creating unconventional business models that increase profit and make a positive impact are the driving philosophy behind LVP.

It’s time that beliefs and theories about business catch up with the way great companies operate and see themselves and their role in the world today. For us, there is nothing quite like focusing through this lens.

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