Report: Sustainability Let’s Talk 15

11 April 2016 in Disruptive Strategies, Strategic Growth, Sustainability, Sustainability Let's Talk, Transformation

Full report now available via link: Sustainability Let’s Talk 15

Sustainability. What is it and how do business leaders and governments navigate its complexity?

This is the question I raised in 2014 at an international sustainable development conference when presenting an integrated approach towards ‘Sustainability Strategy’ as an opportunity for transformational growth.

The importance of sustainable approaches in mitigating risk is now more palpable then ever before. This is due to the impact it has on business risk and strategy, operational aspects, community and government policy. Sustainability is no longer a nice to have, but a collective moral and economic imperative. But how do we make it real, tangible and relevant?

Through my research and client work in strategy and risk transformation, it has become apparent business leaders; governments and communities all look at sustainability through different lenses. Be it climate change and renewables, social impact, duty of care, environmental, financial and ethical practice from human through to material choices, to name a few. With each of these different aspects, comes a whole different set of risk profiles to contend with. Each of these lenses adds complexity. This report aims to provide a holistic view and some clarity around this complexity.

During October 2015, an initiative was launched to engage conversations around the different views of what sustainability means to different industries. The objective was to understand the impact this has across the Asia-Pacific Region. ‘Sustainability Let’s Talk 15’ (#sustainabilityletstalk15) went about engaging these discussions with as many businesses, government and communities as possible, to capture individual views and bring data together to demonstrate what this means collectively.

Taking the perspectives of these conversations, the global sustainable issues we see in the media, and the publicly shared perspectives of other experts, there are significant hurdles to this field due to the differing and (so far) not always collaborative points of views. This is where real transformation in sustainable development is falling down.

Sustainability is about more than demonstrating corporate social responsibility or climate change quotas. It is uniquely complex to navigate as it incorporates how sustainable principles are integrated; and how these issues are addressed in every day business activity, risk mitigation and also in approaching economic growth.

This report aims to build momentum around conversations that make people think beyond corporate social responsibility, brand reputation and box ticking of sustainable approaches. To put forward an approach to compliment the great work already taking place in a field that is continuously evolving. Encouraging corporations, individuals, leaders, and stakeholders to be brave enough to have the conversations that matter. To refocus these conversations through a lens that pushes the limits of what is possible. This is where great collaboration and idea building leads to disruptive strategies, growth and transformation in impactful sustainable approaches.




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