Sustainability, let’s talk

5 October 2015 in Disruptive Strategies, Strategic Growth, Sustainability, Sustainability Let's Talk

Sustainability. Business leaders, government and communities all look at sustainability through different lenses. Be it climate change and renewables, social impact, duty of care, environmental, ethical practice from human through to material choices and financial; just to name a few.


Personally, we would love to see sustainability treated less in silos and more as a whole integrated system where approaches incorporate all the aspects of sustainable principles. For us, there is nothing quite like focusing through this lens.

Though with all these different lenses, it is complex. And this is where you all come in.

We’d like to start a conversation with businesses and communities, to hear your thoughts, fears, or reservations. To understand the lens you look through, what is sustainability to you, and how it impacts your industry or local community.

Let us know your feedback, country and industry, through the tag #sustainabilityletstalk15

Alternatively, you can reply directly via twitter @LorenaPaglia or email

Let’s start the conversation. #sustainabilityletstalk15



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