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Q&A Rare Earth Minerals – Sustainability, Let’s Talk 19 October 2015 in Sustainability Let's Talk

Q&A Rare Earth Minerals – Sustainability, Let’s Talk  As part of the #sustainabilityletstalk15 initiative, I recently sat down with Robert Sills, a global Strategic Materials Marketer and Procurement expert. We discussed specifically rare earth minerals and the overarching industry perspective on sustainability and what it means. My biggest takeaway, is that rare earth minerals are…

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Sustainability, let’s talk 5 October 2015 in Disruptive Strategies, Strategic Growth, Sustainability, Sustainability Let's Talk

Sustainability. Business leaders, government and communities all look at sustainability through different lenses. Be it climate change and renewables, social impact, duty of care, environmental, ethical practice from human through to material choices and financial; just to name a few.   Personally, we would love to see sustainability treated less in silos and more as…

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Sustainable Supply Chain Value 15 September 2015 in Environmental Sustainability, Strategic Growth, Sustainability, Transformational change, Uncategorized

During May of this year, I provided the keynote address at an international sustainable development conference held in Dubai, discussing the challenges around supply chain sustainability and maintaining commercial value. Incredibly, whilst supply chain is a key part of the sustainable issues we face globally today, the potential impact of commercial decisions made both upstream…

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Innovation and investment value through Sustainability Strategy 9 July 2014 in Environmental Sustainability, Strategic Growth, Sustainability, Transformational change

Sustainability Strategy is pushing beyond Corporate Social Responsibility, with a vision for business leadership in sustainability and a pathway for creation of investment value that drives efficiency and productivity with tangible outcomes. In this article by LVP, we look at the challenges facing businesses, what are some of the gaps in sustainability approach and the…

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Windmill Landscape
Environmental Social Sustainability 6 April 2014 in Environmental Sustainability, Strategic Growth, Sustainability, Uncategorized

ENVIRONMENTAL AND SOCIAL ISSUES ARE INTEGRAL TO GOOD AND SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS PRACTICE – THE HARD PART IS WORKING OUT WHERE, WHAT AND HOW? Establishing a stable holistic framework approach to business strategy and management, incorporating strong environmental social sustainability – to bring together the requirements of business drivers, with government, governance and community stakeholders needs. + COST SAVINGS Cost savings…

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