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Q&A South-East Asia Perspective – Sustainability, Let’s Talk 17 November 2015 in Sustainability Let's Talk

Q&A South-East Asia Perspective – Sustainability, Let’s Talk Karl Godderis is an experienced Asia-Pacific banking, management consulting and business development executive, with over 20 years experience working in South-East Asia. He recently shared his thoughts from a South-East Asia perspective for #sustainabilityletstalk15. My biggest takeaway from our conversation is the complexity involved in managing stakeholders…

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Q&A Banking and Finance – Sustainability, Let’s Talk 20 October 2015 in Sustainability, Sustainability Let's Talk

Q&A Banking and Finance – Sustainability, Let’s Talk As part of the #sustainabilityletstalk15 initiative, I recently sat down with Murray Coxon. Murray acts as a Financial Facilitator, providing transaction packaging and high-end capital for business. We discussed specifically the banking and finance sector and what sustainability means for the industry. My biggest takeaway from our conversation,…

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Disruptive is the new normal 30 September 2015 in Disruptive Strategies, Strategic Growth, Sustainability, Transformation, Transformational change

‘How we react to these difficult times will determine our future. We have huge potential if only we realised it’.   No truer words, spoken by the Hon. Dr Mike Nahan MLA, Western Australia’s Treasurer, Minster for Energy and Minister for Multicultural Interests. This of course, doesn’t just apply to the changing landscape of the…

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Transformational Strategy 4 August 2014 in Business Improvement, Strategic Growth, Transformational change

Here is another snapshot focusing on transformational strategy based on our insights and professional experiences for the book Strategic Internal Communications: Boosting Corporate Culture, Productivity and Profitability back in 2012. (Authors: Leanne Mills and Shirley Anne Fortina. Published by: Ark Group). How have you helped businesses transform and assisted the workforce to trust the leadership…

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