Transformational Strategy

4 August 2014 in Business Improvement, Strategic Growth, Transformational change

Here is another snapshot focusing on transformational strategy based on our insights and professional experiences for the book Strategic Internal Communications: Boosting Corporate Culture, Productivity and Profitability back in 2012. (Authors: Leanne Mills and Shirley Anne Fortina. Published by: Ark Group).

How have you helped businesses transform and assisted the workforce to trust the leadership processes and systems?

Strategy transformation works especially well when the business embarks on a strategy and planning overhaul, which then also requires a change management aspect to be associated with it.  A strong strategic project always involves change management working hand-in-hand. 

Inserting a leadership engagement stage to the strategic planning process

An of example of this is working with the Leader of the company and the management team to revisit and redesign their strategic planning approach. In doing so, the management team were willing to take full accountability for embarking on the new approach and engaging their areas of businesses well as the national business, prior to commencing the project.  It also meant having honest conversations about what was not working well in the business at the time and taking steps to improve.

Coaching a leadership team to be ‘change ready’

Once we went through the strategic design and redirection, we then focused on teaching the management team what to expect from a workforce going through change and providing a tool kit of how to manage change and various techniques that could be used.

Engaging the state managers and helping them build strategy

From there, the approach was to then focus on engaging the business unit managers around the nation. Myself and the Leader worked with the state managers one-on-one, using the same approach as for the management team, but at the same time, creating the individual state’s strategy. The result was the ability to then to create a collaborative approach between the states  and management team, which ensured a strong performing team nationally and transformation of strategy approaches which filtered into all facets of the business.

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